SEO or PPC – What is the Best Approach?

One of the prevailing questions usually asked by small-to-medium sponsors is “what is the best way to advertise my brand, SEO or PPC?” The best answer to this particular question is “it depends.”

SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that makes a website or webpage visible online. And the unpaid results within a search engine are referred to either as organic, earned or natural results. PPC or pay-per-click is a form of marketing approach where an advertiser pays the websites or website owners when the ad banner is clicked. This is commonly referred to as “earn” or “earned”.

Now that the two terms have been properly defined – it is best to say that a particular website must have the proper features of an SEO structured method of marketing, which must be enhanced by pay-per-click promotions.

A conductor issue in 2014 showed that 65 percent of site traffic is made through the organic approach while only 6 percent is attributed to paid search. This goes to prove that organic searches are more often used than paid searches. It could be that more qualified users who prefer searching via PPC are infrequent compared to visitors who usually use the organic method to search for what they want. Therefore, for a website to succeed it is vital that the desirable components in both the paid and organic searches are present.

So, if the basic elements of a certain website has not been properly constructed the consequences will result in broken links, poor landing pages, and an irrelevant website. Ultimately, when brands discontinue advertising on a website, it will solely rely on its organic bearings, the social media, and the word-of-mouth to get around.

For an instant ROI (return on investment), the pay-per-click approach would probably be the best for the short-term and it is quite expensive. So in the long run when paid advertisement discontinues the traffic also stops affecting the preliminary boost.

Using both the paid and organic marketing strategies is a good approach for bigger and well-known brands, but this is not true for small brands. It is better to intensify the SEO method prior to the PPC approach. And it makes sense to have a paid approach budget for brands that have limited resources and high objectives.

An enterprise level website is a different matter because this website often have professional marketing teams that work in its promotions and the said sites are already well-known. Although a downtrend may likewise be experienced at some point when it stops PPC advertising.

It would still be better to incorporate an organic or SEO method for a website that has a very limited budget. It would also be wise to consider other factors like:

  • How your brand fits the needs of buyers.
  • The source of your site’s traffic.
  • Your website and brand goals.
  • The presence of PPC on your website.
  • Your website’s current standing.

Aside from incorporating all the elements of organic and paid searches, it is also important to evaluate whether your brand has a feasible supply and demand, how realistic your goals are, and the factual standing of your website.

Hence, your success essentially depends on the type of people you want to attract, the exclusivity of your website (it has something that others do not), your objectives and the brand you have.


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